What is Psychological Counselling?

What is Psychological Counselling?

Psychological counselling is a helping process, provided by trained and registered counsellors to provide a unique and needed service for individual clients or groups. It is a therapeutic process of applying effective counselling skills and techniques which facilitates meaningful understanding of personal problems and results in enhancement of living skills and personal development.
  • Mental Health

    Mental Health

    To help individuals who have suicidal potentials or unable to cope with tense and stressful situations.

    Issues such as specific fear and phobia, anxiety and panic attack, depressed mood, self-harm behaviour and other mental disorders.

  • Parenting Counselling

    Parenting Counselling

    To enhance parenting skills in building a happy close knit family.

    To focus on family values reinforcement (mutual respect and gratefulness) on theoretical and practical aspects.

  • Education


    To help students to open-up and identify their own problems, learning difficulties, and negative behaviours.

    To develop study skills and team-work spirit to upgrade personal achievement, academic fulfillment and happiness.

  • Marital and Family

    Marital and Family

    To help individuals, families or married couples improve their marital relationship by achieving a reasonable emotional adjustment.

    To develop an understanding of their own contributions to the dysfunctional behaviour that led to the failure of the marriage.

  • Further Education and Career Development

    Further Education and Career Development

    To help students in tackling issues on career choices, further studies by identifying their own strength and weaknesses, aptitudes and abilities, interest, work values and personality traits through various psychological testings.

What is Available and Why Choose PG Counselling and Psychology Centre?

What is Available and Why Choose PG Counselling and Psychology Centre?

(a) PG Counselling and Psychology Centre provides an open and friendly environment full of warmth and unconditional acceptance.

(b) It is a place where you can express your feelings and emotions freely.

(c) We adhere closely to the ethics of confidentiality. What you share during the counselling process is confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone without your consent.

(d) The counselling session is conducted in various languages and dialects including Chinese, English, Malay, Hokkien and Teochew. This helps the individual client to feel at ease and share their problems and feelings openly.

How many sessions will be sufficient to complete the whole counselling process?

How many sessions will be sufficient to complete the whole counselling process?

(1) At times, one single counselling session is sufficient to help the client.

(2) Often, the client finds counselling so beneficial and helpful that he/she will come for more sessions.

(3) In short, the frequency of counselling session again depends on the contributing factors such as the type of issues discussed, the schedule arranged by the client as well as the appointment time available to the counsellor.

Consultation Hour

Consultation Hour

TUE - SAT : 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
SUNDAY : 11.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.

Call-in For Appointment

TUE - SUN : 8.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.

Fee Rate

Registration Fee : RM 50.00
Counselling Fee : RM 100.00 per hour

The Curriculum Vitae of Registered Counsellor, Mr. Lim Beng Kung

  • Academic Qualification

    • Bachelor in Education (Guidance & Counselling) [UPM 1996]
    • Master in Science (Human Resources Development) [UPM 2000]
    • Life Member (2001) and Executive Committee Member of Malaysia Association of Counselling (PERKAMA) [2009 - 2011]
    • Life Member (2000) and Treasurer of Penang Association of Counselling and Psychology (PACP) [2000 – 2002]
    • Registered Counsellor under Malaysia Board of Counsellor (Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia) since 2001.
  • Professional Experiences and Contributions in NGO

    • Served as tutor for UPM Distant Learning Programme for Bachelor in Education Guidance and Counselling Course (1996 – 1998).
    • More than 35 years of Malaysian Public School education experiences, served as senior teacher and Curricular-Administrative Senior Assistant. Initiator, trainer and leading counsellor of Pelita Counselling Centre in Malaysia (1995 – 2012).
    • Initiator, trainer and leading counsellor of Penang Gerakan Counselling Centre, Malaysia (1999 – 2004).
    • Served as Counselling Consultant for Human Dynamic Asia Pacific Limited in providing counselling services for employees of multi-national company in Penang (2005 – 2007).
    • More than 20 years of practical and clinical experiences in Guidance and Psychological Counselling in Malaysia, have organized counselling training courses, motivational courses for youths, motivational training programmes for employees and parenting educational workshops.

Vision and Mission


Conduct counselling training courses for helpers of NGOs.


Provide practical and supervision programmes for under-graduates of counselling degree courses.

Seminar / Workshop

Organize parenting educational seminars. Motivational courses for students/youths. Promote mental health guidance.

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